Letter from the Recruitment Chair

Letter from the Recruitment Chair

Tri Sigma is an organization where no matter what is going on in your life you can find peace and support. It’s full of strong, powerful women who love to serve others. We believe in strong sisterhood bonds full of love and kindness. If you’re looking for your home away from home, you’ve found it!


Why did I join?

I felt alone when I first came to RIT. As one of the first in my family to attend college, I was determined to prove myself. I knew I was interested in Greek life when I first arrived, so, naturally, I signed up for formal recruitment. Once I was there I found a group of wonderful women, who shared the same values of Faith, Hope, Power, and Love, as me. There was a connection between these women and me that I couldn’t understand. I felt comfortable with them, I felt at home with them. I felt a responsibility to myself to be part of this organization. Accepting my bid was the best decision I have ever made. With the help of my sisters, I’ve become the woman I’ve always dreamed to be.


Why Greek Life?

I saw Greek life as an opportunity for community service, connections, and furthering my college involvement. Looking back, I feel naïve for thinking that was it. Little did I know the leadership opportunities, the lifelong friendships, the academic support, the sense of community …etc. that comes with being a part of the Greek community. I could list a million reasons to go Greek, but for you to truly understand, you have to experience it.



Sarah Willette