Chapter Philanthropy

Chapter Philanthropy

The Epsilon Psi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma holds two major annual events, Pool-a-Thon and Sign Idol, to raise money for the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, which benefits children's play therapy. Our sisters work hard to raise awareness about children's play therapy by increasing in our philanthropic efforts to spread the word around campus.



This spring, we will be hosting a joint Sign Idol and a mini Pool-a-Thon in order to smoothly transition Pool-a-Thon into the fall semester. Pool-a-Thon is a week long event where sisters volunteer to participate in many different activities like Pie-a-Sister. Additionally, collection buckets are set up for other organizations on campus; the organization with the greatest sum of money collected will have a portion of the proceeds raised donated to a charity of their choice. This spring, we are adding a Pie-Bowl event, where individuals willing to compete against each other will be asked questions and the winner gets to pie the loser. The week concludes with the Dunk-a-Sister event, where individuals can put their aim to the test in an attempt to dunk sisters into a dunk tank. Pool-a-Thon is a very fun event for both sisters and members of the community!



Sign Idol is a signing competition event. Epsilon Psi was founded as an all deaf chapter and Sign Language and Deaf Culture are very important to us as a chapter. Individuals who want to participate in Sign Idol are asked to prepare a song entirely in American Sign Language (ASL). The judges are hand selected for their involvement in the community and their knowledge of ASL. The major prices are for Best Overall Performance, and Crowd Favorite. In the past contestants have worn costumes, performed duets, and done group acts in order to win over the judges. Sign Idol is a great way to encourage people to learn sign language, both as performers and spectators. We highly encourage anyone interested in attending or performing to reach out to us and to ask any questions they may have about the event.



In order to adopt our new philanthropy partner March of Dimes, we held an event where sisters decorated onesies for pre-mature babies to be donated to local hospitals. Aren't they adorable?!

If you have any questions about our philanthropy or how to get involved in our events, please contact the Philanthropy committee.